This year we decided to do Christmas a little early. Eat all day, watch films by night. Sound perfect? It was.

9 AM: Ocado’s delivery brings home the extensiveness of the menu. Barely recovered from work’s Christmas do, but need to get the party started, so I slap on my 50s housewife apron (a birthday gift, thank you J<3s!) and get behind the stove.

It’s an army of cookbooks. Only Slater’s didn’t feature this time, but that’s because opening it would have meant making 15 more essential Christmas dishes.

Too many cooks in the kitchen? Never! (With 3 cooks and 2 helpers, all things considered, it was a quite smooth experience). The fun begins. Weisswurst & sweet mustard as amuse bouche, bruschetta and kale fritters as starter. All accompanied by the festive Moët & Chandon, just for good measure. Next up: Chickpea, fennel & leek soup (Russell Norman).

We might already be stuffed, but we carry on. Roast rosemary & thyme potatoes (Blumenthal); sweet potato mash with roast parsnip and cabbage (Yvette Van Boven); a glorious roasted chicken with clementines & Pernod (Yotam Ottolenghi & Sami Tamimi). 

Need a breather. Christmas socks time!

The finale: Yvette van Boven’s cardamom cake with whole pears and white chocolate, some vanilla ice cream, and mulled wine.

Mistletoe & Christmas tree, complete with popcorn garland! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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